Korres Greek Yogurt Sleeping Mask and Dior Micellar Water

So when you have standard products that you use, sometimes you try to branch out and try similar products with other brands and sadly, neither of these ventures worked out well for me 😦

Here is the first of two:

You would think that a greek yogurt overnight mask wouldn’t have an incredibly strong smell but it definitely did. It felt nice on and it wasn’t too heavy or greasy or anything but the smell bugged me a bit. My skin felt nice each of the two mornings after I used it but a couple days later, I got little pimples all over the place and I think it may be because of this. So sadly, its a no go for me.

Here is the second 

The Dior Micellar water didn’t work as well as others I had used from other brands, or the Clinique makeup remover that I more frequently use. Also it was so heavily perfumed and the smell would linger well after the point when I used it. For makeup removal, here is what I use and have been happier with:

Drunk Elephant serums

I’ve been breaking out a lot recently and I’ve been looking for something to help my skin recover. I asked the skincare specialist at Sephora Masonville for some advise and she recommended these two products:

Morning- C firma day serum

Nighttime – TLC Framboos night serum

First a got about a few weeks worth of each in samples, and I was more than impressed. I can honestly say that I have never seen a skincare product work so quickly. My skin got much softer and smoother and my acne scars began to visibly fade. I didn’t break out any more from introducing this new product.

I went to Sephora the next weekend to buy the full products and yes, it was pricey but for serums, the bottles are huge. Those little sample containers from Sephora lasted weeks so I can’t even imagine how long these will last!

Some random notes: The packaging is so cute! No cap, just a twist open lid which hides the pump initial it’s fully open. Also the brand puts money towards elephants across the world 🙂 

Anyways I would definitely recommend these both and they have become part of my daily skincare routine. 

Natasha Denona shadows 

Hi everyone!

Last Saturday at Sephora Masonville Paige did my makeup using some Natasha Denona shadow. Until that point, I had dismissed them as crazy expensive and unnecessary but that appointment make me reconsider. Here’s the look:

So the purples on this look were from this palette:

Here it is on the Sephora site:

$61!!!!!! For 5 shadows!!!! For reference let’s see the cost of the bigger palettes vs some other brands:

Modern renaissance is $55 for 14 colours

Too faced sweet peach is $59 for 18 colours 

Urban decay naked palettes are $66 for 12 colours 

So yes, the colours are huge in this one but who really uses that much of any one colour? 

So anyways, if cost isn’t a factor for you, buy this because the product itself is amazing. Super freaky, super pigmented but blends perfectly. If it wasn’t so insanely expensive I’d buy them 100% because the product quality is there. Here is a swatch

Going to have to debate long and hard about this but for now, I haven’t purchased any of these. 

Touch In Sol – Metallist Liquid Foil & Glitter Eye Shadow Duo

Hi everyone!

I know its been a while but I have a few reviews in the works 🙂

I got my makeup this weekend by the lovely Britt A at Sephora Masonville (London, Ontario) and she used two of the Touch in Sol duos to create a halo eye look.

Here is the look:

She used Talia and Eldora, which are these colours:


So while I was watching her use the product, I found that the glitter end is very inconvenient to use, although the end of effect is very nice. The creamy end is smooth and blendable but the actual foil sparkly end is difficult to get out of the bottle and is very dry and crumbly so having it in a tube like this rather than a pot means you will likely lose a lot of product just while trying to get it out of the bottle!

If you are looking for a foil sparkle product, I strongly recommend this Stila product:


It is a little pricey but it lasts forever, and you can use Mac Fix+ or setting spray instead of the little liquid once that runs out (since it doesn’t get sold separately). I feel like you would get a lot better control and application that with the touch in sol product and you would not have as much waste. Also, you can create a foil vs. creamy look that requires two products above in just one here depending on the ratio of liquid to sparkle. Definitely a better option in my mind when you want some glitter!

Jeffree Star lipstick haul and review :) 

Was so excited to finally have some of these lipsticks! They are some of the best liquid lipsticks on the market. The brush holds enough product to do your lips with one dip, they don’t create that excess on the edge like stila and kat Von d’s brushes do (since this brushes are smaller and harder), and the matte ones stay very well. 

The metallic ones are super pretty but do not stay nearly as well. Below are the examples of all the colours I tried on and how some of them stayed: 

Here it is in the morning 

After breakfast 

And then after lunch (aaaah!):

The matte ones stood up a lot better 😛 but the metallic colours are pretty and very comfortable to wear so don’t write them off necessarily!

Here are the other. Colours:

Rich blood:

Here it is after lunch 

And at the end of the day:

But my mug took a bit of a beating 😛

Next is celebrity skin:

And after lunch:

Then Sagittarius 

Then is dreamhouse:

Then androgyny:

Then Pumpkin pie:

And that’s it!!!! Let me know what you think!!!

YSL mascara volume effet faux cils babydoll

Who named this mascara?! This name is ridiculous! 

Anyways! I’m most of the way through my lash stash set and I’m onto the second full size product. Here it is:

The brush was pretty nice, with one side for top lashes and one for the bottom, much like rollerlash. 

It wasn’t the best for separating so it won’t look whispy but still seperated enough not to look clumpy. 

It was very black and had a matte finish, unlike the Estée Lauder which had the wet look even when dry. 

It didn’t really feel like it was curling my lashes so if that’s what you want, this wouldn’t be your best bet 

It gave me pretty good volume but not automatically, took a couple coats. 

I thought it was a decent mascara but not spectacular. Definitely better ones on the market but it’s a good option to give a little of everything 

Here’s what it looked like on me:

After doing the top picture, I loaded on a bit more to try to get extra volume and thickness and it held up pretty well in the bottom picture without clumping. 

Here are all the previous ones to compare 

I’d say that other than tarte, this is my favourite from the set 

Bobbi brown smokey eye mascara – lash stash 5/8

Hi everyone!

After a long break, since I needed to use up some of my mascara before starting a new one, I’m back with a new comparison of mascaras featured in the Sephora lash stash! 

This time I tried the Bobbi brown mascara. Here it is:

For reference, here is the full size product online:

Not sure why they named it this because it doesn’t have the heavy appearance I’d assume from something called smokey eye… anyways! Here’s the brush:

Not spectacular looking, right? I wasn’t expecting much when I used it but this was the best seperating brush I had used in a long long time so if you want a softer mascara look with wispy seperated lashes, this is for you!

I had to put a coat, wait for it to fully dry and then put another one to build volume, so it’s a bit time consuming for the look I personally want (which is pretty heavy) so while I did enjoy the final look, it wasn’t the greatest for my needs.

However, usually when you wait so long between coats, it clumps if you try to go over it again. This did not at all! All the lashes were nicely seperated. 

For volume and length, definitely not the best but for buildable volume and amazing seperation, this is the one!

Here is a comparison with the other 4 I have used until now 

And now a closer look at this particular mascara on two separate days 

Definitely not as heavy and obvious as I’d like but not the worst. Nowhere near as bad as nars!

So for my own personal preferences, here is the order from best to worst:

Tied for 1) tarte / benefit They’re real (the tarte one is growing on me, and I’ve been using it almost every day now) 

3) Estée Lauder

4) Bobbi brown

5) buxom 

Stay tuned for ysl soon!