Hi everyone!

My lips get suuuuuuper dry in the winter, so at one of the last sephora events, I picked up this bite set which unfortunately isn’t available anymore but all the individual products are!

Here’s what I got:

So the set includes a little one of each of their lip treatment products. Here are my thoughts on each:

So this is the one that impressed me the least. It was a good lip balm but didn’t do enough to protect my lips from the winter. It was fairly thick and stayed on well but didn’t help as much as I’d hope! The gloss from sugar was better for sure.

This was a pretty good product! I liked the fact that it’s all natural ingredients because when you are rubbing something like that into your lips, you’re bound to get a bit in your mouth! The scrub was good, not Tom rough and not too thin. I would buy this one again!

This was my favourite of the three! It was suuuuuper thick and stayed on really well. Very effective and stronger than other lip masks like laneige!

Happy shopping everyone!!

Desio Eyes – Colour contact lenses

Hi everyone!

So this review is a little different than the usual review, but since my original post on this got so much attention, I thought I’d put up a review once I had a chance to really try them out!

I got 4 pairs of contacts from Desio when they had the buy 2 get 2 free sale in November. Since my prescription is toric, it takes 8 weeks to make the lenses, and a couple weeks to ship to me. Here is more information on the lenses:

Here are the four colours I ordered, and the before / after with brown eyes.

First time I tried them on was at night. I took out my regular contacts after wearing them all day, and then tried on the contacts so my eyes were definitely too dry to give this a try. Here are some pictures from that night:

They look really natural, even close up! The little dots that make up the colour look very smooth and you cant see them unless you are a few inches away. They are definitely heavier than my acuvue moist dailies, but these are three month contacts, so of course they need to be heavier and thicker. All in all, they didn’t move when I blinked and they sat nicely on my eye.

Here are they are on the second day when I wore them.

I put them in around 8 am, and wore them until 9 pm, including going to a bootcamp class. They were super comfortable and I didn’t need eye drops or anything to keep them in place and moist.

Everyone at work had positive comments on how they looked natural and that they made my eyes pop! These wouldn’t be my every day contacts but I definitely enjoyed them and will post reviews on each when I try them!

Too faced White Peach Eye Shadow Palette

Hi everyone!

Got to try out this palette at sephora before it was available in the store! So I thought I’d share 🙂

Here’s the product and here are the swatches from the sephora site:

So at first glance, I didn’t love the lack of colour variety. 8/12 shades are slight variations of neutral and don’t look very different from one another. So this makes me think it’s a beginners palette to add some calmer colours to your collection. Buuuuut the sparkle shades don’t show up well without glitter glue and really packing it on, which ends up creating a ton of fall out. The huda ones blend so much better without nearly as much mess. Lastly, the only colour to darken the crease is essentially black, which makes this definitely not a palette that someone can use without a bunch of blending brushes and at least a bit of knowledge of makeup.

So all in all not my favourite and I definitely wouldn’t buy it, but the formula is nice and pigmented and blendable in the matte shades so if you are looking to add some neutrals, thus could be for you.

Here’s how it looked on me:

Definitely pretty but if I was going to invest $55 in a palette, I’d pick something with more variety

Jeffree star liquid lipstick – Candyass

Hey! So those of you who follow my blog know that I love love jeffree star liquid lipstick so a new formula is something I get excited about.

So a while back, I got my first shimmer liquid lipstick from this brand, in the shade No Tea No Shade

Here it is

Here is it on in the morning (these pics are in an old blog post too):

Unfortunately this is what happened during the day:

After a few hours the corners naturally fade and the whole thing came off after one meal. This is totally different than the matte ones which last ages 😦 the shimmer ones you have to shake, so I’m assuming the base separates from the glitter and comes off easier with food. So not a lipstick to wear if you can’t touch it up!

Now, this is the new one I got:

Here it is on:

Looks amazing! I really liked it! Felt so natural on and wasn’t dry at all.

Unfortunately it came completely off. So much so that there was no point in taking an after picture. If you look closely, you can kind of see it but honestly it doesn’t show up in pictures so I didn’t bother.

The one advantage is that at least this wears off fully, rather than weird dark lines, since without the glitter, it’s just lip colour.

Anyways I do still love these but these glitter ones continue to be easier to wear off that the matte

It Cosmetics Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara

Hi everyone! As promised here is a review on the it Cosmetics Mascara! Here is the product:

Fairly average size price and size for a sephora mascara. I got a trial size and here it is:

So i tried it a couple times and here are the pictures:

So on day 1, I found it really dark black, and it built length really well. I didn’t find it super intuitive with volume. You had to wiggle it in the base of your lashes very gently otherwise it clumped. Maybe I’m used to ones that need a little more help to build volume in the base and so I overdid it. But hey, maybe I’m just not used to having this good a mascara 😉

I was pretty happy with the result. Wispy on the ends and heavy volume in the base. Looked like fake lashes!

Here it is on a second day:

Easier now that I figured out how to use it but I really like how it looks.

Here it is after the gym and dinner. No flaking or anything!

So the two other things that are important for me are: how easy is it to get off your lids if you mess up and how easy it is to get off at the end of the day without having to rub your lashes. Good news! Both very easy while still having staying power during the day!

So unless you want intense exaggerated volume in the length of your lashes, thus mascara is pretty perfect! Definitely give it a try!

Current Favourite Skincare Products

HERBIVORE – True Blue Skin Clarifying Duo. Includes: 

  • 1 oz/ 29 mL Blue Tansy AHA + BHA Resurfacing Clarity Mask 
  • 0.3 oz/ 8 mL Lapis Balancing Facial Oil

 These two products are great for my skin issues, (combination, acne and the resulting scars) and these very natural products have been really great. The oil had been ok but doesn’t work well under makeup so I’d recommend it for nighttime, or wait a good long while after putting it on, before you move in to you’d next step. Same thing it’s the Sunday Riley UFO oil.

The mask is almost clear so it’s strange putting it on but it works. I’ve been double masking with glam glow exfoliating mask on my t zone and this on the rest of my face and it’s been really good! I have found that it doesn’t dry my skin at all, and it helps reduce the scarring faster.

SUNDAY RILEY – Martian Mattifying Melting Water-Gel Toner

So Sunday Riley products are expensive but they work well and quickly. This one is no different and has really helped my skin. Acne scars are fading faster, combined with the PTR AHA/BHA serum.

I haven’t purchased this yet because I am working my way through three other primers (olehendriksen oil control toner, Murad clarifying toner, and Ahava all clear) but definitely will be buying this next year.

Have a read through the descriptions of the Sunday Riley products and grab a sample. I will bet you that you will see results within a week.

KATE SOMERVILLE – EradiKate Daily Cleanser

Currently using this as my daily cleanser. The sulphur has improved my acne, and isn’t nearly as harsh as benzol peroxide or other common acne ingredients. Doesn’t dry out my face and is a great start for my daily skincare routine. Worth a try!

FRESH – Crème Ancienne® Soft Cream

I got a sample of this one with an in store purchase and I didn’t even realize what I was trying. Then I looked it up…. HOLY HELL IS THIS THING EXPENSIVE! I would strongly recommend going to your neighborhood sephora a few times and asking for samples, because I don’t think any face cream is worth this much money. But it feels amazing so may as well use it a few times 😉

The cream gave me amazing moisture and really helped to improve the texture of my skin at the start of winter, when I needed it most. So up to you but I think there is very little at sephora worth this much money.

$25 Rouge sale Ideas!

So I wrote this whole post and forgot to post when the November sale was on! But there’s another sale so here it is anyways 🙂


Hi everyone,

Based on Dina’s request, here are some new or fun items to think about while the Sephora Rouge sale is on!

New palettes:

So I have too many eye palettes and havent really looked at any of the ones that have come out. BUT these new huda beauty palettes got my attention because they are smaller, more portable and actually are better value than the equal amount of the larger palettes. Here are the two i have been debating between but likely will grab the mauve one since i already have a bright palette (urban decay electric) which seems to be everlasting!

Here is a new larger palette to show you that the price / pan actually is better with the smaller palettes.

NOTE: I did end up buying the mauve one and it’s absolutely amazing 🙂 blends so well and the colours are all pigmented and have great staying power. 

Also, I have gone to sephora twice now to try out the new kat von d palette and while its fun, i personally have too many repeats in the colours but its been fun to try out and a great pic ! here’s the palette:

here are the two looks:

The colours are vibrant and blend well. They do have done fallout so apply face products after the eyeshadow

Also been meaning to try these and they look great on whenever I’ve seen a sephora artist with it so definitely a great option:

Also, the sephora pro palettes are doing really well and have great reviews. I’ve never used them but all the artists at sephora have said good things about them so definitely worth a shot if you are looking for a relatively inexpensive way to get a large number of colours into your makeup collection. here are the options:

Next, winter lipstick! I got the kat von d set last year and did a blog post on all the colours. This year, there are less bright colours and more deep winter shades, so if this is something you are looking for, great way to expand your collection with these minis!


Lastly, some of my favourites 🙂 i’d buy this is i didnt already have two of the four colours! honestly unless you are using this constantly, you dont need a bigger one of each than the mini so this is a great option 🙂 you can mix them into moisturizer or foundation to add a little glow, or use a brush / beauty blender to apply it as highlighter 🙂


Of course there are always Sephora Favourites sets where you can try a bunch of products for very cheap. I always buy these for mascara!

Happy shopping!