Nars blush/highlighter -Albatross



OK so I had been looking at this product online for months before I got it and testing it out each time I went into Sephora but it’s worried it might be a bit much.  I usually wear a cream highlighter under my foundation so it isn’t too too visible, or the hourglass highlighters that are pretty subtle . Pale girls like me need to watch out for products that really pack on the shimmer or we may end up looking like a little crazy! No one wants to look like the tin man or a walking disco ball ( but if you do, make up forever makes a great glitter  :P)

As you can see above, it’s not a cheap product so the debate really continued on for months . But thanks to events such as my bridal shower, I had a few gift cards that I could spend on new products! So I took the plunge and here’s what it looked like:


Not bad, right? I feel like it looks much more subtle in pictures than in person but it gives a really nice glow.  The undertones are more yellow so for those of us with some redness, it doesn’t bring any of that out . I found that if I put too much on my forehead or down the middle of my nose, it looked a little crazy, so I will probably keep the product but only use it to highlight my cheekbones when I want more of a visible glow. Definitely not my every day highlighter but it goes on very nicely and does not get cakey unless you put on a LOT of foundation.

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