Sharing my “wisdom”



Four or five years ago, I wasn’t wearing any makeup on a regular basis, I did my hair is a ponytail almost every day and just didn’t care too much about my appearance. One day I woke up and decided to work out, eat better, lose some weight and it in more effort! When I look back at those pictures, I see a pretty significant change in how I presented myself and what I cared about.

while some may think I am taking it to the other extreme, I have so much fun these days with new make up, weird health kicks, random workout classes with friends and trying to look my best each day!

I get a lot of questions from my friends on different products that I use from Sephora, so I thought I would try writing it down and seeing how it goes! I know there are a million people out there doing the same thing in a more professional manner, but hey, why not 😛


2 thoughts on “Sharing my “wisdom”

  1. Hi Audrey I love your blog. I’m a make up addict too. In London we have a store called space Nk which is like Sephora. Carry on writing…. Btw have u tried hourglass blusher? Xx


    1. Thx!
      I have but because I use a highlighter too, I didn’t love that it was so much like a highlighter anti I felt it was too shiny for the part that low on my cheek. I prefer the nars or Marc Jacobs ones (easy to blend and they don’t go on too heavy, which is good for me because I’m so light!)


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