Bite Agave Lip Mask -Champagne

My lips get very dry very easily so I am constantly looking for new products like this. Got a sample which included three colours:

Been using the champagne one for the last couple days and a very tiny amount of this product goes a long way! I think each of these tiny samples will last 10 uses or more, which is crazy!

I put it on before walking the dogs and before going to sleep. My lips are definitely in much better shape than they were on Saturday and I like the sheen of the product! I think I prefer this to the sugar products, which I have been swearing my for years, especially now that they have a gloss style product.

It’s a very thick product which to me is good, and I think contributes to the moisturizing effect but it is also a little sticky. Nowhere near as sticky as the Mac long lasting glosses (which doesn’t moisturizer, but just saying it for reference) but definitely more stickiness than the Sugar products.

Here’s what it looks  like:

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