Urban Decay Mascara – Perversion

Ok first of all, who names these things?! I’m embarrassed to say the name of this mascara! Lol here is the sample bottle I got:

Before I get started on my commentary of this product, I just wanted to mention that since everyone demands different things from their mascara, you should know what is most important to me. I don’t curl my lashes since they are naturally curly so I just look for definition and volume. I used to use a Guerlain mascara and that taught me that finding one that stays on during the day but also washes off early is important because you don’t want to have to rub to get it off. You’ll get wrinkles and your lashes will fall out faster!!!

I took pictures on two days where I didn’t have much other makeup on so you can really see it:

Pros: This was by far the best lengthening mascara I have ever tried on. If that’s what you’re looking to achieve, I strongly recommend this mascara. It is very very black and the formula is nice and thick so you don’t need multiple layers. Stays on all day with very minimal flaking.

Cons: definitely doesn’t add as much volume as i like personally and if you try to achieve that it can begin to look all spidery. It stays on a little too well go my liking and I find it very difficult to take off at night.

When I do other mascara reviews, I’ll begin making a chart with pros and cons so you can compare 🙂


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