Blinc – “Mascara Amplified” 

Hello everyone 🙂 I’m glad a few of you are enjoyin my blog! And it’s been pretty fun writing about all these products!

While I’m on a mascara theme, here is another strange one that many of you will not have heard about. The brand is Blinc, and it advertises that you are “tubing” your lashes, not painting them. Sounds weird, right? But it’s actually a pretty accurate description of what it looks like when you try to wash off the mascara!

Here is the sample bottle I got:

I found that it took far more effort to get this product on than it would with any of my regular mascaras. The brush is nice, very dense with long bristles. However, still didn’t like the way it went on (too light and”natural” for my liking)

Here’s how it looked. From close up its not bad but I put on coat after coat and the volume is really not great. Made my eyelashes longer as advertised but definitely not thick enough. Asked a friend what she thought, she agreed that in person I have barely any lashes with this. It’s hard to tell because of my eyeliner today but they look very very thin. Long, but thin.

When you wash it off, it’s actually pretty clean. It comes off like little tubes. Exactly as advertised! Definitely not enough to make me buy this though

All in all, I’m thinking of just tossing this sample. Not a fan.

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