Chase Fish and Oyster

On Monday night, decided to try Chase fish and oyster. The atmosphere was really nice and they gave a patio outside so I can see this being a popular place to go in the summer. It was surprisingly full for a Monday at 6!

We opted for the endless oysters. Normally they have one east coast and one west coast option but today they just had the malpeques which was a bit disappointing but we decided to try it anyways!

We got three sharing plates / sides which all came before the oysters. We got the broccoli and chicken skins (which had a great taste and the sauce was delicious) and the Brussel sprouts which were served crispy on toast with a spread and what seemed like tempura bits on top. Also very good!

The octopus was had a nice sauce to it but was a bit tough. Places like Bar Isabel do a much better octopus and I wouldn’t order this again. It came with lamb sausage (literally two slices) which i didn’t think we’re the best combination.

Then came the issue. 45 min wait before we got any oysters. And up to 30 mins between each dozen. They are clearly hoping you get bored and just leave. They oysters were a good option for all you can eat because they weren’t fishy or too large so people who are just starting out with oysters will enjoy them. However, both sauces were almost empty and were never refilled for us (just oil left). It was an ok experience but at $30 pp, I’d rather just get better quality and selection at Rodney’s.

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