The Captain’s Boil

This has to be one of my favourite new restaurants! It’s so messy but so delicious 🙂

Everything is brought to you in plastic bags (which the fish is boiled in with the delicious spices) or in a basket and you eat with your hands! Don’t worry ladies, gloves are provided to protect our nails. You also get cute sea-themed plastic bibs.

When you come in, the smell of the spices used to boil their seafood in is just so amazing!

I have tried almost everything on the seafood menu and here are my thoughts:

Sauce- you have three options. The third is combining all the sauces, and they call it the captains boil. By far the best!

Mussels- my favourite thing on the menu. They are huge and the sauce really absorbs into them

King crab – my second favourite. The huge legs have tons of meat and are great with the sauce!

Shrimp – good but not as good as the mussels or king crab. Once you take the shell and head off you lose a lot of the sauce flavour

Lobster – definitely not the best lobster I had and didn’t absorb the sauce as well

Snow Crab legs – very tough to eat but delicious

Clams – good but tiny. They absorb the sauce well

Garlic bread – great on its own or to dip in the remaining sauce!

Corn – a must have! They boil it in the bag with the seafood and it is absolutely amazing

Haven’t tried the Dungeness crab, or crawfish yet

Here are some pics:

Snow crab  
The remains! 

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