Marc Jacobs precision pen eyeliner in Blacquer 

I am always on the hunt for newer and better products and sadly this one didn’t do it for me.

So before I get into this, I’ll tell you what I look for in an eyeliner. I despise pencils due to the lack of control and because you have to often pull your lid to get a smooth line, which causes wrinkles over time. I use either a liquid liner (my favourite is Lancôme artliner, but it’s a bit expensive) or one of the markers (Kat Von d makes the absolute best one on the market and it’s a relatively low price point for a Sephora product). The both give me the precision I want, don’t tug at the skin which makes it more even in one shot, and are very dark black so you only need one layer.

So now that you know what I like, here are my thoughts on this product. I got a 500 point reward set with this as well as other Marc Jacobs products and even I ran out of my Kat Von d one, I figured I’d test this out. Here is the product:

And here is the sample I got:

Relatively large for a sample so can’t complain about that. Here’s a look under the cap:

The brush is great quality. Very thin, good material that I think would last well throughout the life of the liner. The thin point is the perfect width, giving good options for thin or thick lines depending on the look you are going for. The length of the brush is good as well because I find the longer brushes give you less control because they’re often flimsy and bend. No complaints on this front.

Now for application, I like a dark dark black that goes on heavy with one stroke. This definitely doesn’t do that and has a bit of a tame look compared to the harsher look I like. So this might be great for a lot of people but not my favourite. The application us relatively smooth, better than 90% of eyeliner products that I have tried (if you want an example of one that tugs and isn’t smooth, try the Sephora brand pens. The brush is nice and thin but it’s a pain to put on.

Here’s what it looks like

All in all, a great product but doesn’t satisfy what I’m looking for personally.

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