Nars pro prime smudge proof eyeshadow base

This has to be the best product at Sephora! Without it, all eye products do not work nearly as well!

This eye primer does exactly what it advertises! Until you wipe it off with makeup remover, this primer will prevent any creasing or smudging. I have tried almost all eye primers at Sephora and this is by far the best. My least favourite is the shockingly popular urban decay line. I found the urban decay ones all creased and the product began to separate and stop working before the bottle finished.

Anyways back to the good stuff! Here’s the product 

Lasts a while, totally worth the cost.

Here is an example of what it does. I used the urban decay electric eyeshadow in Freak (bright green) and a cheaper Sephora brand dark green around (from an old annual Sephora palette, which comes off almost immediately without primer). Here it is after almost 12 hours, including walking my dogs in drizzling rain and wind :

Everything is completely intact, not even any smudging under the eye! Inner corners are bright still even though I touched them throughout the day! 

Now for the ultimate test! I fell asleep with my makeup on! Here I used a Mac shadow in orb on the lid and another urban decay electric shadow in fringe (the teal color) and Mac carbon in the crease to transition a bit. It is almost 100% intact the next morning! The mascara died but everything else is still there! Even under my eyes!!!!


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