Which blush is best? Pink edition!

So I know there are a lot of requests for different things, but I was wearing pink blush today so Natasha won and I’m doing a review of my three current pink blush colours. I think it will give you guys some good variety and ideas 🙂

First of all, let’s see what Audrey looks like without blush or cheek contour so that you know what the addition looks like 🙂 here I have my foundation on, and for contour, I have my nose, temples and forehead done, but its not really showing up on my forehead for whatever reason:

So I’m lucky to have cheekbones that still show some shape when I don’t have contour on. I try to enhance that further with the blush and contour.

I typically put powders on in this order after foundation: makeup forever loose powder all over my face to set the foundation, then contour, then blush, then highlight. I use the contour as a guide for where you put the blush.

So I have two contours that I use. When I want a lighter look, I use Hoola, which is a bronzer powder by Benefit (Caryn, I’ll do a bronzer post too at some point but this is the only one I use). For that one, I apply it with the brush that comes with the product, but then need to blend with another brush. 90% of the time, I use this brown Mac blush to contour and for me, it is the most natural-looking product I could find for a darker contour (the name rubbed off but it is either the matte or satin line, I’ll find out and update this post! Otherwise, if you go to Mac, they can find you something similar that works for you!). I use the Nars Yachiyo brush to contour, which is 100% worth the money and makes a nice soft blend out from a more concentrated line in the middle. Much better than an angled blush brush! (thank you jonathan for buying me this :P)

Here are the products:

767nars brush765

Here is what I look like with only contour on, no blush or highlight:

I find that without blush, it still looks pretty natural and its not bad, but there is no warmth in my face. I do go out like this sometimes with just mascara, foundation and contour, but that’s on a lululemon pants kind of day! When I am applying contour, I use very little product and build to avoid getting that overly dark, bruised look. I have almost no product on the brush and I build and blend. Takes a little longer but helps you avoid a big mess that will take ages to fix!

Now before I get into the blush comparisons, here is what I apply blush with and how I do it! I use a Lise Watier blush brush, which is fluffy enough to put on a light application but dense enough to apply the product without 100 coats. The shape is the perfect dome, and the size is exactly right to cover the space that blush should go on. Here is a picture:


Depending on your face shape, the placement of your blush will change. I have an oval face with higher cheek bones, so I put less on the apples of my cheeks and more above the length of my cheekbone (so right above where I put on my contour). I actually used to put it more on the apples of my cheeks but then an amazing Sephora makeup artist at Southgate mall in Edmonton showed me this technique and I found it looked a lot better on my face. So if you have the chance, ask a Sephora artist or check pinterest for explanations on how to put blush on your face shape!

I make this funny face to show where my cheekbones are and to give myself the line to put blush on! I start just behind the apples of my cheeks. I go back and forth a couple times with the brush and then make circles with the same brush to blend it out a bit. I then use a larger, fluffier, flat top brush to blend it out if the other brush doesn’t do enough with the circles (usually because I put too much product on at once rather than building). Here is the range where I put it on and my funny face 😛

Here are the three pink blushes that I use most often:

1)Mac Mineralize Blush in Dainty

The entire Mineralize line of mac products are light, usually lower coverage and a little sheer, with mineral ingredients. I like less pigmented blush because it doesn’t go on heavy immediately and I can control what it looks like so I really like this one. I also like that this one is luminous but not shiny, so it doesn’t have any of that sparkly glittery tacky stuff! Here is the product and what I look like with it on:


2)Marc Jacobs Bold Blush in Reckless

This is my bright pink blush and my second Marc Jacobs blush. The colours in this line are amazing and I find it very easy to use and blend. Plus the packaging is so cute with this little brush inside which actually works well for a tiny brush that comes with a product! This colour can get intense fast, so I use very little and tap it off on a Kleenex. Here is the product and how it looks. This won’t be as light of a look as the mineralize, but its definitely warm and girly! And the best part is that this stuff stays on all day and won’t quit on you!

3) Nars blush in Deep Throat

I apologize in advance but every blush in this line is named something dirty. A lot of people are gaga over the bronzer and blush combo that has the Orgasm blush included, so the other pinks in the Nars line get ignored. For my skin,  I found that the colour was a lot like the Mineralize one I have above, but didn’t go on light, so it looked a little Barbie pink. I find this pink to be warm and soft, giving a nice glow (not sparkly like many Nars blushes) and I can pack it on or put only a little and get totally different looks. I find that the Marc Jacobs one really has one setting, but you can play with this product and use it with a lot of different looks. It blends better than any other blush I have so if I packed it on too much, I can blend it lighter. The one complaint I have is that it doesn’t last nearly as long as the Marc Jacobs one, and it won’t be as noticeable at the end of a work day. However, still one of my favourites. Here is the product and with this application, I used to the blush to enhance my contour based on the placement.


Hope you all enjoyed my long babble about blush and contouring 🙂 I’ll do corals and nudes next, but they are mostly Nars colours (in Madly and Luster) so it will be shorter since I went into crazy detail here! In summary, for light, luminous blush, I use Mac Mineralize but Hourglass has some great options as well. For pigmented blushes that last all day, use Marc Jacobs. For amazing colour variety with a product that is easy to control (blend or build), use Nars.

Have fun with your makeup and keep the requests coming!

Also, I am going to put up a post asking for a Q&A, which I will accumulate and turn into a post once I have enough questions 🙂 (thanks Nicole for the great idea!)

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