New Sephora Palettes: “My Beauty Notebook”

Hi guys,

Many people have asked me for cheap bit good quality ways to increase the number of eyeshadows they have. I personally have Sephora brand palettes for that purpose. other than my Urban Decay electric palette for unique colour , I use those to get a bit range quickly without too much cost. While they are not the absolute best quality eyeshadows in the world, with the right techniques and complimentary products, they are just fine. First I’ll show you the product and then my pros and cons:


– Within these three palettes you get a loooooot of stuff for $43! Amazing bang for your buck!

– I use tons of eyeshadow and I’ve never finished one from a palette  ….. Or otherwise for that matter lol . They last a while unless you use the same one or two every single day. great way to increase your collection at a low cost so low risk!

– unlike the two larger palettes I have (Sephora anthology and last years Valentine’s Day one), you can split these with friends if you want (for example) just neutrals and she wants just bold. Smart! And now you are spending per palette what ONE EYESHADIW COSTs!


– I would rate Sephora palette eyeshadows a 7/10. They vary in quality a bit but are completely useless without a primer (see my Nars Smudgeproof eyeshadow primer post) and will fade by the time you leave the house.

– For a more intense look, you will likely need to pack it on with some colours. Some end up being way more heavily pigmented than others. As a PRO in the middle of cons, (haha) this is good for beginners because you are less likely to make an unfixable mistake that you can’t blend out without messing everything up

– more fall out than others because of the need to pack it on with some colours. If you have a fan brush, use that to get the fallout off your cheeks without messing up the rest of your perfectly made up face 
Happy shopping!

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