Sephora Outrageous volume mascara

I had never tried a Sephora brand mascara before but figured it was worth a shot. So got a 100 point sample of this product:

The brush intrigued me because the Rollerlash brush in the benefit mascara was great and this looked somewhat similar 

I was really disappointed in the product. I like really heavy and dark mascara but this was really clumpy. So clumpy that I had to use a clean mascara brush to take pretty much all of it off and do most of it again… And again…. This was super inefficient . Also it almost immediately started to flake off. Where the ends of my eyelashes touch my eyelid, there was a little collection of black flakes within 30 minutes

Here’s a picture. It doesn’t look horrible (although I couldn’t fix all the clumps) but getting to this point took way more time and effort than it should and now I will have to check all day for flakes…

Verdict: spend the money on a better quality product. Stay far away from this!

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