Pink eyeshadow look with few products!

Lots of my friends have told me that what I recommend is very expensive because I use so many different products at once, so here’s an options for those with more limited products 🙂 

So you only need two brushes for this and one Sephora palette. Rather than using Mac sprays, I just wet the brushes for more intense eyeshadow colours. Here we go!

The two brushes I used were:

I used my handy Sephora anthology palette, which is a cheap way to get lots of colours. They have new similar ones out all the time. 

So I began with a white shadow to create a base (so the colours are more vibrant than on skin) and added the same white to the inner corners 

I then used these three pinks to create a gradient on my lid, using the same 239 brush. I then wet the brush and used it again on the second one to make it more vibrant:

Then I used the 217 to blend it a little into the crease so it isn’t such a harsh stop. I then used this beige colour so blend it out into the crease:

And that’s it! Added liner (Kat Von d) and mascara (Diorshow iconic curl) for this final look:

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