Brush and product review for a teal eye look :)

I had a teal dress on yesterday so why not match my eyes to the outfit?!

Everyone always asks me to talk more about the different things I use, so here goes:

Starting from the left, this is my favourite foundation brush, the Sephora airbrush foundation brush. It gives a really nice finish with controllable coverage and no streaks. Today I used it with Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able foundation. 

Next is my newest brush, hourglass 4. It’s    a good halfway point between a dense eyeshadow brush and a fluffier blending brush. I used it with this Mac mineralize eyeshadow to make a base for this look. It’s pretty sheer so the brush helped make it heavier but not dense enough to be cakey. 

The two purple brushes are part of a value set at Sephora. They are the only two from that set that are actually useful. The brissles are hard enough to serve their individual purposes and the hairs never fall out!

Next are the two shadow brushes that I use frequently. The first one is intended to be a crease brush but it actually blends nicely as well. One of the artists at Sephora would use to for the whole eye look. The following one is a blending brush. It doesn’t work well on creamier shadows like the Kat Von d Serpentina or make up forever shadows. There are some new UD brushed that might be better 🙂 I used it for this teal colour:

Finally, the last brush on the end is a new find. Perfect for more sparkly shadows and for under the eye. 

I used it on the lid with a YSL cream shadow and then this stila foil shadow: 


I used two sparkle liner, the urban decay one on the top lid, and the less bold Sephora one to line the lower lash line. 

Lastly, I used a UD Vice lipstick in amulet. Here in the final look:

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