End of day routine πŸ˜΄

After all the talk about my morning makeup routine, I figured it was fitting to tell you what my end of day looks like πŸ™‚ 

First I get off the bulk of makeup with these wipes. I know wipes aren’t the best for ones skin but I’m lazy and it’s better than leaving my makeup on! They are really gentle and font cause any skin issues for me at all. These can be purchased at any drug store :

If I am actually awake enough to put in more effort, or I I have a lot of makeup on that day, I use Boscia Makeup Breakup oil. Feels really nice to use and also doesn’t cause any skin issues for me.

Next with a cotton pad I tone my skin, and since I am pretty acne prone, I  use this Murad toner. It is also my first step after washing my face in the morning. 

Next is the nighttime eye cream, dabbed below, above and around the eye. I use an origins cream which isn’t too harsh because the ones with tons of retinol actually cause more damage than good when you are younger. 

While this cream has preventative properties, I only use it at night because in the morning I use a de-poof-ing eye cream, Origins gin zing. 

Now, I constantly change my acne treatment. This has been my new favourite because you can use a light application in the morning under makeup and a heavy one at night and zits are gone so so so fast! 

On the area where I have acne scarring, or all over my face when I don’t have zits. It is amazing for evening out skin tone and I highly recommend it for everyone! 

Lastly I put a good layer of this on my lips and go to bed! Sometimes I need something heavier in the winter because of the dryness but it’s good for summer!

That’s it’s! Take less than 5 minutes and off to bed!

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