So in my Sephora VIB Rouge event bag came a sample of this mascara. I had received a sample of it previously but had never opened it. Now I know that I should just give them both away because they are HORRIBLE! 

Meet the Nars Audacious Mascara:

Looks innocent enough, but then you open it:

The bristles are long, sharp and far too spread out to add any real volume. It was actually scratching me when I applied it, and it was very very uncomfortable to do. 

Here is what I looked like with it on:

After 3 coats this is what I look like. It looks like I don’t even have mascara on! For reference here is a comparison with my Dior mascara:

Just a little different? Oh boy! This stuff sucks!

And so I added some of my Dior mascara to it to make it look normal and here is the best comparison of them all. Eye on the right has the nars mascara and on the left has nars plus a coat of Dior:

So in conclusion, don’t buy this crap and I understand why they are giving it away for free. 

Stay tuned tomorrow for a post comparing UD setting sprays!!!!!


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