Comparing UD setting sprays 

So I’ve been using the original UD setting spray for ages but I’ve been noyic by that I’m oily at the end of the day. So what I thought I’d do is put on the exact same products 3 days in a row and see how things turn out. First without any spray, then with the original and then with the oil control spray. 

Products used: too faced hangover cure primer, UD naked foundation, born this way concealer, Kat Von d setting powder

1) without spray in the morning

1) without spray at the end of the day with no touch ups

So without spray, I was actually not as shiny as I thought it would be. A little glow, but no serious shine.

2) original setting spray in the morning 

2) original setting spray at night 

See? Pretty shiny! I was so surprised at how much worse this was than not even using a spray! And I found the foundation was not actually fully intact, when compared with the “no spray” picture 

3) oil control spray in the morning 

I was surprised at how sticky it was if you miss your face. A bit got on my shoulder and it was so sticky. But the weird thing was that my face doesn’t feel sticky at all! It actually feels really nice!  

3) oil control spray at night (in natural light) 

And here in artificial light 

So I’d say it’s definitely better but not perfect. I found in the spots where I sweat, the makeup was more I text with the oil control spray than in either of the other situations.

The one interesting thing was that my lipstick stayed on waaaaay longer than I would expect for a non-longwear lipstick. I had actually put the spray on first before the lipstick and I didn’t reapply at al during the day. Guess it works well as a lip primer too! 

There you have it! Let me know if you have any other sprays that you like using 🙂

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