Clinique lash primer and high impact mascara 

This is a first for me! I have never used a lash primer and I didn’t know how it would go! I got this sample and figured I’d give it a try. 

My fear with a primer was that once it dried, putting a cost of mascara over would make it spidery and clumpy. But I was pleasantly surprised!

Here we have the Clinique lash primer and mascara:

First I put a healthy coat  of the primer on my upper lashes only (wanted to see how heavy it was on the lower lashes without the primer). Here’s what it looked like:

Not super white and not clumpy at all. Here it is with the mascara on top:

I actually really liked it! No clumps, very smooth application. Without the primer, the lower lashes didn’t have as much volume as I would have liked, so I think the primer needs to go on both the top and bottom. 

Verdict: definitely a great option if you need a product to add extra volume. Doesn’t curl but definitely gives a light feeling, good seperation of the lashes, builds well for length, and great appearance of volume. 

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