Sephora Vib Rouge Event Haul!!!

Hi everyone! 

Went to the new(ish) Vaughan Mills Sephora for a closed door VIB Rouge, which was lots of fun 🙂 

I only got a few products, some of which I talked about in other reviews but I’ve never done a haul blog post so here we go! 

Woohoo! Lots of makeup bag! I’ll probably only keep the big one so if you want the little red and black one, let me know 😛

So the big one only had the Nars mascara in it. If you saw my previous blog post, you’ll know I wasn’t very happy with this one and would NOT recommend trying it. Just to summarize the last post, here is a comparison between this mascara (right) and dior mascara (left). Pretty much useless! 

Ok so the next part was the smaller makeup bag! Here’s the bag with all its contents (and you could still get this outside the vibrouge event)

These are the two products that I have used before and am in love with. Hypnose mascara by Lancôme is great, gives good volume and doesn’t clump at all (until the bottle gets dry of course) and Kat Von d tattoo liner is my go to eyeliner. For those of you who are scared of a liquid liner, the pen is a perfect halfway point. I personally like the look it since it’s not as shiny as liquid and easier to control when you want precise application, such as with a wing or flick at the end. I likely won’t review these next 4 products in the next little while because I have a ton of other samples to get through but I’ll post something if I do!

Next is the UD setting spray. Just did a review on this one and I really liked it, even more than the original spray, but let me know if you have other ones you like that control oil a bit better!

Next are my two refills, my murad toner and Nars eyeshadow primer. I did a whole review a while back on how amazing the eyeshadow primer is so check that one out if you are curious. 

 For the murad product, I use it to calm my skin and clear up acne. I flip the bottle onto a cotton pad twice and swipe all over my face immediately after cleansing. 

Next is the stila liquid lipstick in baci. I have been wanting to try these after a few recommendations from people, and I had heard that they were even longer lasting than the Kat Von d or Anastasia ones. I’ll do a blog post shortly comparing all my liquid lipsticks 🙂 

Next is the Sephora fine line pen eyeliner.   I use this one to create an outline when I am doing a more dramatic winged look. The incredibly fine and long tip make it easy to apply. Sephora brand eyeliners are also some of the blackest blacks so they are great for filling things in. However this particular one has a very fine tip so it would use up a lot of product if I always filled it in with it.

Last two items! My new favourite product is the Guerlain bronzer in light: 

You can really feel the quality of the product when you use it. I held off this purchase for a very long time because of the price of the product but now that I have it, I don’t want to use any of my other bronzers. Here it is used in a full face, done for me at Sephora Masonville by Nesrine: 

Here it is by itself (no blush or highlight):

And the here it is with the VIB rouge renewal blush (by the way I love that it’s not another red lipstick!)

Here are some shots of the blush as well. Such a pretty colour!!!!

And there you have it! My first haul blog post! Let me know what you got at the Sephora sale and any products that I should try out!

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