Tutorial: cut crease eye look 

Hi guys! Saw this look on @roseandben ‘s Instagram and thought I’d give it a try! 

Here is a step by step for my look!

Started by prepping my face. I used the Clinique even better moisturizer and origins ginzing eye cream.

Then I used the Nars smudge proof eye primer and Kat Von d featherweight primer:

Next I used the Mac 217 brush, Sephora 19 and 38, to put the two eyeshadows below (always sunny and texture).

I put on urban decay naked with the airbrush foundation brush from Sephora (56)

Here’s what things look like go this point:

Then I put Kat Von d finishing powder all over my face.

Next I added the serpentina colours. First I used ankh with the Mac 217 in the outer corner and then prophet with Sephora 18 (wet with Mac fix plus).

The eye on the right is step 1 and the left is after step 2

Because the line of the prophet eyeshadow is harsh, I go back over the edge with ankh (outside corner) and texture on the inside half. 

Add Kat Von d ink liner …

Next I use an eyeliner brush and eye cream to wipe away any eyeshadow below the eyeliner …

Concealer is next, under my eyes, down the nose, on the forehead and on problem spots. I use the Sephora airbrush concealer brush to blend it:

Next I use the hourglass eyebrow pencil to apply my brows, and the attached brush to soften the lines:

I like my brows to look more natural but filled in, so I leave some wispiness. After that is the Guerlain light bronzer and Nars luster blush:

Bronzer only:

Bronzer and blush:
Then I finish things off with the Clinique mascara and primer in my recent blog post and Mac cherish lipstick (one of my favourites, perfect nude shade)

Wasn’t in the mood for highlight today for whatever reason. 

Here it is with different lighting:

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