Which liquid lipstick is best?

I’ve been accumulating different pictures for this post for a little while now and thought I’d share!

I’ll show pictures before and after eating with each liquid lipstick! I have a fr more so I’ll do a part 2 of this post at some point 

SMASHBOX “babe alert”

Product felt smooth and wasn’t too dry

It may be a bit tough to show in I sturdy light, but it stayed on pretty well! I didn’t look like I ate half my lipstick after being in the sun and eating a meal! I would recommend trying it!

Here it is in a grey shade as well, stayed on pretty well!

KAT VON D “Lolita”

The original liquid lipstick! Always great, with shades like “noble” to tone down the colours of you want! I have 5 shades of this one and it’s not perfect but I like it. 

Definitely feels dryer than the other brands but it stays pretty well! Here I am in the morning 

And after work! Except for a bit on the middle, it’s perfectly intact!

STILA “baci”

This was a big disappointment, I wanted so badly to like it. The whole thing came off and it felt crumbly when it did. I’m also pretty sure my coworkers were looking at my lips and thinking I was nuts because it looked dry immediately even though it didn’t feel like it 

Looked pretty good in the morning! 

It survived breakfast but had lots of creases

But  after lunch it was totally gone!

NYX “vintage”

This may be the worst of them all 

The one positive is that is pretty easy to apply. Here I am in the morning:

So after lunch it had come off and made weird lines 

Went over it with a buxom lip gloss to fix it:

TARTE tarteist creamy matte lip paint in  “namaste nude”

Went on ok but was definitely pretty dry 

After breakfast it started disappearing in the middle but in a strange streaky way 

And when u true to reapply to fix it, it turned into a clumpy mess. Definitely don’t buy this garbage!

ANASTASIA in “Ashton”

So I cheated a bit with this one because I didn’t actually buy it. I loved how smooth and pigmented it was! It also don’t feel dry at all

Also this one stays in pretty well, I’d say in line with the Kat Von d one 

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