Liquid lipsticks – part 2

Hi everyone! 

Did another review with a few other lipsticks 

What I realized is that while some liquid lipsticks sort of last through a meal, none of them last through two meals without being reapplied. And when you reapply the long wearing ones, they don’t go on as nicely as the non longwear ones. But on the flip side, they are very pigmented and they never feather. Pros and cons!

So here are a few other ones!

HUDABEAUTY in bombshell

Here’s what it looked like in the morning. It went on very smooth and creamy, and was very even in terms of coverage 

Here it is after a greasy breakfast. Looks of but the lines really started to develop and it was cracking 

After lunch it was 100% gone. Non liquid lipsticks stayed better and felt nicer. I’m debating if I should return this and buy another Kat Von d one…. I don’t think it does much of anything and looked really funny as it came off 

Jeffree Star – posh spice 

So I read up on this one and it is fakked this because it’s the 90s grunge colour from when the spice girls were famous! I don’t have a picture after food but it lasted better than any other long wear lipstick. The applicator was also waaaaaaaay better than any of its competitors! So soft and smooth and you don’t get that thick line on the edge that needs to be blended in. It was perfect! Trouble is, it’s not as easy to obtain as something from Sephora 

I warn you, it looks grungy, but it was really comfortable

TOO FACED melted liquid lipstick 

So I am not even reviewing the new ones because I don’t like them at all. They are super dry and not much colour variety. This is the original in the squeeze tube with the foam applicator.

I like these ones, I feel like they add good moisture to the lips. Definitely not long wear and feathers a little bit on occasion so concealer around the lips is a must!

Half gone after breakfast 

Totally gone after lunch 

ARMANI lip maestro in 500

so creamy, feels very nice on! Definitely not long lasting but it holds up relatively well relative to other non long lasting ones. It also has great pigment! I may return the hudabeauty one cuz this is the exact same colour lol 

Here it is after eating (almost gone!) But still some colour there. At least this one fades evenly lol 

Stila again! 

I love the baci colour so I have it another shot. It did better this time so I’m keeping it 🙂 

All in all, jeffree star is my favourite long wear, followed by the queen of crazy makeup Kat Von D. For non long wear, Armani is the best by far. 🙂 

4 thoughts on “Liquid lipsticks – part 2

  1. This post is brilliant. Love the colour of hudabeauty lipstick on you. Shame it doesn’t last too well xxxx


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