Vice Lipstick Sampler – All swatches!!!

Hi everyone,

A little while back I got this set and I did a review on the quality of the lipstick. I’ve been accumulating pictures of all the shades as I try them! Here’s the set:

And here are all the shades:

Gash (cream shade)

ZZ (Cream shade)


Stark Naked (comfort matte shade)

Amulet (metallized shade)

(Another look with amulet)

Gubby (metallized shade)

Naked (cream Shade)

Conspiracy  (metallized shade)

Rapture (Cream shade)

Backtalk (comfort matte shade) <– love this one!!!

Rock Steady (cream shade)

Disturbed (comfort matte shade)

Manic (cream shade)

Blackmail (comfort matte)

EZ (cream shade)

714 (mega matte) (this one looks like Mac’s Ruby woo but doesn’t feel as dry. Notice how the blue  undertones make my teeth look whiter than the 714 shade above)

Firebird (cream shade)

Jilted (scream shade)<– love this one too!!!

Seismic (sheer shimmer) (I don’t really like how much product you need for it to even be visible with these sheer shimmer shades, might be easier with the actual lipstick tube but you’d probably go through it pretty quickly)

Big Bang (metallized shade) (this has to be the least pigmented shade in the entire collection)

Pandemonium (mega matte shade, love this colour but it was a little patchy)

Menace (comfort matte) (very fun summery colour!)

Sheer anarchy (sheer shade) this is pretty much a lip gloss in lipstick form 

Psycho (comfort matte shade)

Finally DID IT!!!!

All done!!!! 

Comfort matte is amazing. You don’t find many moisturizing matte lipsticks and it lasts longer than maybe of the long lasting liquid lipsticks I had in my other blog post! For example, Menace lasted all day, until I removed it before dinner 

Anyways I’m in love with urban decay vice lipsticks now!!!!! 

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