Juice Beauty green apple skincare

So I have been very enthusiastic about trying this brand since the products are organic so I thought it would be great for sensitive skin. I was at sephora today and they said that everyone had been asking about the products but they aren’t in store yet.
So when I used the cleanser, the apple smell wasnt too strong or anything and the texture was nice. Didn’t leave my skin feeling either dry or oily. Then I use the serum which I found was a little bit stronger and smell and the texture wasn’t as smooth as many other serums on the market. 

I waited about 20 minutes and then I apply the moisturizer. This was definitely the worst of the bunch. Even after having waited for the serum to absorb, the moisturizer left white streaks all over the place matter how much I rubbed and I eventually had to rub it off with a towel. Even after having taken off half of the product, I felt sticky for probably three hours after that. This is probably one of the worst moisturizers I have ever used.

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