Too Faced Candlelight Glow Highlighter

Hi everyone!!!

Sephora had 8 different samples available for 8 days recently and I was just waiting for this one to come out 🙂 

I have been looking for a highlighter which wouldn’t be too dark on my super light skin tone (putting on bronzer where you should put your highlight… not such a good idea!). The Becca one is already so popular and i have mac and hourglass ones so I wanted to venture out a bit and try other things. The two on my list to try were too faced and Laura mercier. 

So here is the sample product. Relatively small but I find that highlighters last me a while so hopefully it doesn’t disappear after a couple uses!

So I tried to use only one of the two shades but it’s pretty much impossible unless you use an eyeshadow sized brush but I’m too impatient for that :p 

I personally like a good highlight but I don’t want it so heavy that it looks cakey in person. So to find that middle ground, this is what I use:

So I just rubbed the brush around in both colours, which I think gave it nice dimension rather than a single coloured highlighter. I applied in the Cupid’s bow, on the top of the nose, and on the cheekbones of course 🙂

Here is the before and after (sorry for the crazy eyes in the before picture)

Here is another view to get the full impact of the glow!!!!

It’s exactly how they describe it! Change the background to a little Italian restaurant with dim lighting and a single candle on each table. Candlelight glow 🙂 

I really liked it. Didn’t look crazy in person (not you sparkly, just glowy) but also looks so soft and pretty in pictures 🙂 definitely a highlighter I’d recommend trying! 

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