Origins modern friction and Skin Inc pure deep sea hydrating mask 

Hi everyone! After drawing on my face with liquid lipstick, cream shadow and gobs of extra highlighter (oh Halloween…), I needed a mask night! The swirls from my jigsaw makeup didn’t even come off fully with wipes and Boscia makeup breakup oil!

So here are the products I used:

So I started off with the origins wash. It was actually really nice, and didn’t wrk harsh on the skin. No strong smells and felt like a combination of moisturizing and exfoliating. Many exfoliating cleansers feel rougher or sharper but this actually feels gentle while still being effective. Skin felt fresh, but not dry. Definitely will buy this product during the winter when I need it most!!

Next I used the mask, with this foundation / concealer brush that I got ages ago and I only use for masks now because it has the two brush sides in one, and also is easier to clean than hair-like bristles. 

The mask goes on clear and can stay on between 30 mins and overnight. I opted for the latter. It was a bit sticky at first but it was ok by the time I went to sleep. It didn’t feel dry like a lot of masks do so it was comfortable overnight. Here is what it looked like the next morning:

All the redness was gone and even the acne scars from recent blemishes had faded a bit. Pretty good for one use!

One bad thing was that I needed a whole other cleanser to get it off. Just water wouldn’t do the trick after wearing it overnight. Not the biggest issue though since I just took it off in the shower. 

I found that my skin felt nicer after the black glam glow mask but this reduced scarring and redness far more, so friends what you’re looking for 🙂

I’d recommend giving these a try!

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