Urban decay Vice – Vintage Shades

So on Nov 4, I had to go to Sephora to get my bag at the VIB Rouge shopping event 🙂 so why not check out some shades of urban decay vice? I absolutely loved these when I swatched all the shades in the sample set (check my previous blog post) so I wanted to see what the vintage colours were like!

Here is the display at Sephora Masonville:

Might be a bit hard to read. The names of the shades from right to left are:

Oil slick – sheer shade

Frostbite – cream shade

UV-B – cream shade 

Bruise – sheer shade

Plague – cream shade 

Asphyxia – cream shade

Pallor – cream shade 

Roach – cream shade 

Smog – cream shade 

Some very unique and fun colours, and great time for colours like this with the winter coming up!

I didn’t really understand oil slick. I think it would pretty much just darken your lips a bit so it sounds a bit strange to me. The other one that really stood out to me was asphyxia, because it had some blue shimmer in it, and i haven’t seen a colour like that one before! Roach and smog seemed pretty similar to one another although in the display they looked pretty different. Maybe they are just available for people with different skin tones who like that gold of bronze colour

All in all, as always, they felt so nice and I really liked them! 

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