Makeup forever foundation comparison

    Hi guys! The last couple times I got my makeup done I had them try out the makeup forever foundations on me! Here is a comparison of:

    Velvet + mattifying foundation:

    This is the matte, full coverage foundation . It’s pretty thick when you are applying it but the coverage is amazing!

    Picture 1 foundation on that side, picture 2 no foundation (eeeeek!) and picture 3 is the full look!

    Here is a look st sephora where they applied it on me:

    I don’t think it looks cakey but it felt heavier than I’d like. Looked great and the matte finish photographed very well.  

    Ultra HD Invisible Cover foundation:

    This foundation has marginally less coverage but still looked like full coverage to me. The formula is creamier, whereas the other is more of a heavy paste. This one I found to be more comfortable, and was more moisturizing. I’m starting to get dry skin as it gets colder, and I found see it if I looked closely at the velvet one, so if you are oilier and want full coverage, get that one, and if you are a bit drier, I’d recommend this one. 

    Here is when. BK from Sephora white oaks applied it for me, followed by three instances of me using the sample she gave me:

    Another thing is the application of the velvet mat should probably be done with a beauty blender. I found it harder to get riding the streaks with a brush than with most other foundations. HD could probably be applied with anything since it’s more liquidy.

    Verdict: I bought the ultra HD with my 20% Rouge discount but both are good and it just depends on your skin type and method of application 

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