Bronzer / contour comparison

Hi guys! 

Natasha has asked me to do this for a while 🙂 here is a comparison of the different bronzing / contour products I’ve used:

Kat Von D – Shades of Light

Now I have never purchased this myself but almost every time I get my makeup done, they use this on me. You can combine the different colours to create more gradients so you can make a softer gradient than a single colour would be able to do 

Here are a couple examples:

Example 1)

The glow here was the anastasia glow kit 

Example 2)

Smashbox Step by Step contour and highlight palette

This one has been used on me a couple times and it’s been pretty nice. The darker colours are definitely darker than the shades of light palette and with less colour variety, I would say this one isn’t my favourite for about the same prices as shades of light. Here it is:

And here is a look with this palette:

I wouldn’t personally buy this one because of the lack of colour variety and I thought it was a bit too dark. Also it creates berry little dimension and cuts of the face in a harsher way than I would like. Finally to me, the ones that are ultra matte look very harsh especially if they are too dark, whereas the ones where you can create a gradient blend into the face better 

Guerlain Terracotta bronzer in Blondes

Thid has been one of my favourites at home 🙂 especially in the summer and fall! I found I could create nice, warm looks with this and the smell is absolutely amazing! (Jonathan thought I had perfume on the first few times I wore it and he liked it!) here is the product:

Here are some looks with it:

With no other makeup (gotta always contour tho! Haha)

You can create gradient with the one compact by targeting certain area with your brush. Then for your neck or chest, you can just brush it all over the compact because the colour variety in it gives good dimension and it looks really natural!

One thing is that guerlain is great at making luminous, highlight-y products, so this is not the one to pick if you specifically want matte, but I like it and use it for adding warmth to my looks. 

Benefit Hoola 

Oh a classic 🙂 good one to end this post with! 

If someone has never contoured before and has no brushes, I recommend this. The brush inside the box is exactly the same as this super expensive nars brush:

So even just got that, it’s a good deal!

Here’s the product:

If you want a lighter application or want a good brush to blend it, this is what I use:

And finally here are some looks with it:

(this purple is roxy kat Von d colour, which I found very difficult to apply and looked a bit too patchy, which is weird for a kat Von d lipstick! I’ll be doing a blog post soon on the set of 8, tried 3 now!)


For beginners: hoola is a good simple one for contouring, and has the included brush. Lasts FOREVER so it’s s good first option 🙂 just remember to blend blend blend! 

For general bronzing: guerlain is amazing but not the beeeeeest for contouring since it has some light sparkly bits in it, so it’s not the best for creating a shadow. But I love it for warming my face up in the summer!

For palettes: kat Von d shades of the light is hands down my favourite. She has recently added refillable individual shades which is amazing since everyone tends to focus on one or two things in a palette and you don’t want to replace the whole thing to get that colour!

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