Buxom Mascara – lash stash post 1/8!

Hi everyone,

As I work my way through the last stash set, I thought I’d give you guys a progress report with each mascara! I’m going to try each one again, even if I’ve used it before, in case dknething was changed or reformulanted.

Here is the set:

And here is the first one I tried:

I think it’s called “lash mascara” which is pretty vague sounding haha 🙂

I have said this before in other posts but my recommendations always depend on what you are looking for. I personally want a very heavy black formula that doesn’t clump. I don’t need length but I some seem to naturally add more length which I’ll never complain about 🙂 I don’t need a curling mascara and don’t use a curler.

So with that in mind, here were the results. Tried it on two days to make sure I formed a good opinion:

The brush was so promising with the many small plastic bristles but I had no lashes! Gave up after that. Don’t buy it!!!! (Unless you want a super light application with good separation) 

For reference, here’s a shot of the brush.

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