My Halloween makeup!!! 

Hi everyone!

For Halloween, our couples costume was the most interesting man in the world and a dos Equis bottle!

Here we were:

Here was my makeup:

Sparkly!!! Gotta match that green and gold bottle 🙂 

Here we go!!!! 

First I used Cover fx mattifying primer, because I wanted my eyeshadow and lip shiny, but not my forehead! 

Then as always, nars smudge proof eyeshadow primer 

Then makeup forever foundation in r230

Then kat Von d setting powder with a kabuki from mac 

Then I put this Sephora stick shadow on my lids to neutralize redness, in a matte 

Concealer was born this way, blended in with the sephora airbrush concealer brush 

Then I began on the eyeshadow 

I used this mac palette. Used the mac 239 with this beige 

Then the grey with the mac creaexbrush and Sephora blending brush 

Here it is until now 

Didn’t like how dark the lid was so I used this mac beige (colour is orb) with the hourglass 4 brush 

Then came glitter! With a little flat brush from Sephora, I used this stila shadow. I wet the brush with mac fix +


(That shot looks a little crazy lol) 

Then under the eye, I added some of the grey and then mac texture with the same little brush!

Here it is:

Now for lashes!!! Lashes on, the blended into my lashes with better than sex mascara 

Apply black duo lash glue 

Blow to dry , wait til it’s tacky 

And done!

Now to finish my face. Bronze, contour, blush:

Guerlain bronzer

Mac highlight with a sephora brush 

Nars blush in luster

Forgot to take a pic but brows are hourglass (the pencil) 

And to make the dos Equis, I used kat Von d liquid lipstick in bachelorette 

And lips!!! This crazy gold Bite gloss:

And I am a bos equis bottle!!!

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