Arbonne Eye Makeup primer, face primer, eyeshadow duo, mascara and eyeliner pencil 

Hi there everyone! 

I have finally found a primer that can compete with nars!!!! And a face primer that feels like hourglass veil!!! 

Introducing: Arbonne Eye Makeup Primer and Makeup Primer 

The texture of the face primer was just amazing. Exactly like hourglass, but all natural, without all the unappealing ingredients, and makeup just glides on perfectly:

Here’s the eye primer. Honestly this may have topped nars… which is saying a lot because I am pretty obsessed with that one. My one complaint with nars was that it was clear, where a lot of other primers that didn’t have that staying power had a pigment to them, so the makeup colours were  truer. This actually combines the two, which is crazy!!!!

Here are the results. First, a pic before liner, mascara, contour and highlight:

Everything went on flawlessly, I was very very happy with it!!!

Here was the eyeshadow I used:

To be fair, I only used this shadow with no other colours or shading, and I tried to keep the brushes to a minimum. For the lighter shade, I put it all over the lid with the Sephora airbrush eyeshadow brush, for the brown, I used the Sephora crease brush and the Sephora blending brush. 

The shadows were aMazing too. The built very well to create gradients and were so so pigmented, blendable, and had virtually no fallout! VERY IMPRESSED!

Here is the look with liner and mascara:

Now, I am personally not a huge fan of pencil liner but this was a very smooth, very pigmented, and very accurate pencil! And it has a sharpener in the top

Next came mascara. The name was very cute 🙂

I would compare this mascara to a combination a diorshow curl and Josie Maran. The curl was craaaaaaazy (can you tell how impressed I am with these products?!). I could feel it curling and holding my lashes. The weight was probably a 7/10, which isn’t a bad thing, it’s preference. For this look, I think the weight was perfect, because of the softer colours and brown liner, so if I had a hard hard black heavy mascara, it wouldn’t be cohesive. 

Here’s the product:

Aaaaand the finished look:

And here comes the true test of the primer:

4 hours later:

Totally intact! (Don’t mind the red spots, I was wearing my glasses today)

And at the end of the night:

Eyeshadow 100% intact 🙂

I’m going to buy this primer when my nars ones run out!!! But I am very very impressed with arbonne 

You guys can get these products at

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