Arbonne lipstick, eyebrow pencil and Highlighter stick 

Hi everyone! 

Here is my look from today:

For my eyes I used urban decay electric in fringe, and Mac eyeshadows in carbon, nylon and woodwinked.

Now on to the purpose of this blog post! DAY two of testing out arbonne products 🙂

First  I tried their Highlighter stick:

I applied it by dabbing on a bit with my fingers and it created a great subtle slow. Not too sparkly, but a rose toned glow (like a toned down version of the rose too faced candlelight glow but doesn’t go on as heavy.) To compare with my other highlighters, I tried packing it on, and it didn’t get cakey or ruin my makeup. I was definitely a fan of this one. Here’s the product (which comes in a holiday set):

Next i tried their lipstick in willow. To be fair, i didn’t put foundation or lip primer on my lips. Here’s how it looked:

I thought the colour was very versatile and dudnt bleed or anything. The surprising  part was that my lips felt very hydrated after applying this and even in the evening they felt nice! Kind of like mac mineralize lipsticks, but not glossy. Here’s the product 

Last but not least: brows. I hate doing them but this was actually am ok experience. I find that pencils usually don’t glide nicely and powder takes ages. This was actually a pencil with A very fine tip and a brush on the other end. It would glide so nicely that i actually didn’t mind doing it!

And there you gave it. After trying day 2 of arbonne products, I am still impressed with them 🙂

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