Battle of the Eye Creams!

Here we go,comparison of the eye creams:)

So just so that you know what I look for, I don’t have very large or dark circles but they get very puffy when I don’t sleep enough. 

For reference, here’s what happens when I forget eye cream:

(I look so tired!!!!!)

Let’s see what the eye creams can do:

First is origins mega bright:

So I definitely saw the brightening effect a little but everything was still so poofy and I ended up looking very tired 😦 

On to the next, my tried and true Origins Ginzing (I have probably replaced this once two or three times) 

This was my daily morning eye cream 🙂 problem is youcant use it as night because it has caffeine in it, so I had the mega bright st night did anti aging and brightening and this in the morning. The depuffing is so amazing tho!

(And another look)

Next is the first aid beauty eye cream, used on me a few times when I got my makeup done:

I don’t think it did much of anything other than moisturize. I’m sure it has anti aging benefits but I don’t think the immediate effects were enough for me.

(Still a little poofy… not as bad as mega bright though)

And lastly, Arbonne’s RE9 eye cream:

Here are the amazing effects:

And now that my ginzing is out, I just bought this to replace it 🙂 

(Quick plug! You can buy this at my friend Trish’s site at 

Hope that helps!!!! Let me know what else you are interested in seeing me review 🙂 and follow me on Instagram: audreypetes 

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