Estée edit Edgiest up & out mascara review – lash stash 4/8

Hi everyone, 

Trying the first of two full size mascaras, the Estée edit mascara. As a reminder, here it is with the set:

Here is the product on its own at Sephora:

So let’s start with the brushes. Not the biggest fan of the big brush because it doesn’t catch the lashes quite as well as others I reviewed. So essentially no matter how many layers I put, they don’t get longer, like other mascaras. It does however separate quite well, but for me, there isn’t enough weight or volume. 

The little brush is gets for getting every little lash, and I tried to use it to lengthen the tips of my top lashes, but not great.

Here is the comparison 

To date, tarte and benefit are my favourite two 🙂

Ranking in order my best to worst:

  1. Benefit They’re real 
  2. Tarte 
  3. Estée edit 
  4. Buxom

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