Sephora waterproof eye makeup remover 

Hi everyone! Got a sample of this with one of the gift bags from sephora over the holiday season and I thought I’d put it to the test 🙂 here’s what I got :

And here’s the product on Sephora’s site 

It’s similar to other oil removers where you have to shake it up to mix the oil with the other ingredients, put it on a cotton and use to wipe you makeup off.

On the first day when I used it, I had on this tarte mascara fro the lash stash that I’ve been reviewing:  

It did an amazing job at removing this, kat Von d ink liner and all shadow in one soft wipe. No rubbing my lashes, nothing.

The next couple days I kept using it with these products and I was very impressed

Then yesterday I used it with this Estée edit mascara 

It was barely making any impact on my mascara. Had to use two cotton pads and then gave up and used a diffferent wipe. I would definitely say this is a harder mascara to remove, which is one of the many reasons why I don’t like it, but this product is supposed to remove waterproof mascara and this isn’t even waterproof!

So altogether, I would say it’s good depending of what products you use and it’s a very reasonable price relative to comparable oil based makeup removers like these (note that the above picture was of the larger size / price all allghe pictures below are of the smallest sizes available in each)

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