Bobbi brown smokey eye mascara – lash stash 5/8

Hi everyone!

After a long break, since I needed to use up some of my mascara before starting a new one, I’m back with a new comparison of mascaras featured in the Sephora lash stash! 

This time I tried the Bobbi brown mascara. Here it is:

For reference, here is the full size product online:

Not sure why they named it this because it doesn’t have the heavy appearance I’d assume from something called smokey eye… anyways! Here’s the brush:

Not spectacular looking, right? I wasn’t expecting much when I used it but this was the best seperating brush I had used in a long long time so if you want a softer mascara look with wispy seperated lashes, this is for you!

I had to put a coat, wait for it to fully dry and then put another one to build volume, so it’s a bit time consuming for the look I personally want (which is pretty heavy) so while I did enjoy the final look, it wasn’t the greatest for my needs.

However, usually when you wait so long between coats, it clumps if you try to go over it again. This did not at all! All the lashes were nicely seperated. 

For volume and length, definitely not the best but for buildable volume and amazing seperation, this is the one!

Here is a comparison with the other 4 I have used until now 

And now a closer look at this particular mascara on two separate days 

Definitely not as heavy and obvious as I’d like but not the worst. Nowhere near as bad as nars!

So for my own personal preferences, here is the order from best to worst:

Tied for 1) tarte / benefit They’re real (the tarte one is growing on me, and I’ve been using it almost every day now) 

3) Estée Lauder

4) Bobbi brown

5) buxom 

Stay tuned for ysl soon! 

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