YSL mascara volume effet faux cils babydoll

Who named this mascara?! This name is ridiculous! 

Anyways! I’m most of the way through my lash stash set and I’m onto the second full size product. Here it is:

The brush was pretty nice, with one side for top lashes and one for the bottom, much like rollerlash. 

It wasn’t the best for separating so it won’t look whispy but still seperated enough not to look clumpy. 

It was very black and had a matte finish, unlike the Estée Lauder which had the wet look even when dry. 

It didn’t really feel like it was curling my lashes so if that’s what you want, this wouldn’t be your best bet 

It gave me pretty good volume but not automatically, took a couple coats. 

I thought it was a decent mascara but not spectacular. Definitely better ones on the market but it’s a good option to give a little of everything 

Here’s what it looked like on me:

After doing the top picture, I loaded on a bit more to try to get extra volume and thickness and it held up pretty well in the bottom picture without clumping. 

Here are all the previous ones to compare 

I’d say that other than tarte, this is my favourite from the set 

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