Jeffree Star lipstick haul and review :) 

Was so excited to finally have some of these lipsticks! They are some of the best liquid lipsticks on the market. The brush holds enough product to do your lips with one dip, they don’t create that excess on the edge like stila and kat Von d’s brushes do (since this brushes are smaller and harder), and the matte ones stay very well. 

The metallic ones are super pretty but do not stay nearly as well. Below are the examples of all the colours I tried on and how some of them stayed: 

Here it is in the morning 

After breakfast 

And then after lunch (aaaah!):

The matte ones stood up a lot better 😛 but the metallic colours are pretty and very comfortable to wear so don’t write them off necessarily!

Here are the other. Colours:

Rich blood:

Here it is after lunch 

And at the end of the day:

But my mug took a bit of a beating 😛

Next is celebrity skin:

And after lunch:

Then Sagittarius 

Then is dreamhouse:

Then androgyny:

Then Pumpkin pie:

And that’s it!!!! Let me know what you think!!!

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