Natasha Denona shadows 

Hi everyone!

Last Saturday at Sephora Masonville Paige did my makeup using some Natasha Denona shadow. Until that point, I had dismissed them as crazy expensive and unnecessary but that appointment make me reconsider. Here’s the look:

So the purples on this look were from this palette:

Here it is on the Sephora site:

$61!!!!!! For 5 shadows!!!! For reference let’s see the cost of the bigger palettes vs some other brands:

Modern renaissance is $55 for 14 colours

Too faced sweet peach is $59 for 18 colours 

Urban decay naked palettes are $66 for 12 colours 

So yes, the colours are huge in this one but who really uses that much of any one colour? 

So anyways, if cost isn’t a factor for you, buy this because the product itself is amazing. Super freaky, super pigmented but blends perfectly. If it wasn’t so insanely expensive I’d buy them 100% because the product quality is there. Here is a swatch

Going to have to debate long and hard about this but for now, I haven’t purchased any of these. 

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