Korres Greek Yogurt Sleeping Mask and Dior Micellar Water

So when you have standard products that you use, sometimes you try to branch out and try similar products with other brands and sadly, neither of these ventures worked out well for me 😦

Here is the first of two:

You would think that a greek yogurt overnight mask wouldn’t have an incredibly strong smell but it definitely did. It felt nice on and it wasn’t too heavy or greasy or anything but the smell bugged me a bit. My skin felt nice each of the two mornings after I used it but a couple days later, I got little pimples all over the place and I think it may be because of this. So sadly, its a no go for me.

Here is the second 

The Dior Micellar water didn’t work as well as others I had used from other brands, or the Clinique makeup remover that I more frequently use. Also it was so heavily perfumed and the smell would linger well after the point when I used it. For makeup removal, here is what I use and have been happier with:

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