Carbon Coco – first impression 

Hi everyone!

So I caved and got one of the instagram obsessions… just wanted to try it out!

I got the carbon coco set with the activated charcoal and the oil pulling out as well. The charcoal is a powder that you dip a wet brush into and brush your way to whiter teeth. The oil pulling us meant to freshen your breath. This review is just on the charcoal. 

So here’s the product:

So fair warning, this stuff is very very MESSY. The powder gets everywhere, the splatter from the wet powder gets everywhere, its just a big mess. I wore an orange shirt to start which I had to change out of after I noticed the black dust all over it. So be careful, and maybe even do this in the shower / bath tub. 

Here is the before (top) and after (bottom)

I definitely see a bit of a difference but nothing major. They definitely look brighter though. I’ll do another review on how it goes after a few more uses. But definitely this could be packaged in a better way!

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