Face Shop sheet masks 

For ages, Barbie was telling me that I should try the products at the face shop so when we were walking by one together, I decided to go in and get a bunch of facemasks. The sheet masks were on sale so I got seven of them and I’ll do some reviews as I try them. Here are the ones I purchased:

Honestly they weren’t very expensive, even considering the fact that they are single use. I think the whole lot of them was under $20
So the first one I tried was the one with the purple vial on it, The smoothing face mask. Here it is a little closer up so that you can see it

So it says to tone, and I started with this ahava toner

Then I cut open the package and this a what was inside. You remove the film and try to line the thing up on your face

And the blog post wouldn’t be complete without a scary sheet mask picture (jonathan couldn’t even talk to me, he said I looked like I was from a horror movie)

This was actuallya good one an my fave definitely felt softer, and any acne I had calmed a little which made makeup application to cover it up the next day much easier.

Here’s the second one i tried, the pore one:

This didn’t make as much of a difference as the first one and I didn’t notice much of a difference in the pores on my nose. I’ll keep trying them and will let you guys know how it goes!

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