Anastasia Aurora Glow Kit

Hi guys,

I haven’t treated myself to a new highlighter in years, using only samples or 100 point rewards of tarte and other recent offers, so when the $15 off VIB Rouge deal happened, I figured you can’t beat a $38 highlight palette in funky colours!

Here’s the product:

Here are swatches:

(Top to bottom: Lyra, Orion, helia, spectra, luna, eclipse)

So when I read reviews, I thought it would look a little crazy when it’s on, but once I swatched it and put it on, i realized all the colours are more subtle and buildable than they seem. I even asked coworkers on the day when I wore Orion if they could see the blue and they said only in certain lights and that it was subtle. You can build it well it blend it in with different colours for some very cool looks 🙂 

Here are the different looks I did the first time I tried each colours:

(I preface this with that it is exceptionally hard to get a picture of the highlighter in a way where you can see it)



(Shockingly not orange considering what it looks like. It’s really just a warm white. Eclipse is more orange / gold)


Spectra was a bit much on the nose and Cupid’s bow but for the cheeks it’s good. It would also look nice if combining with other things like Luna 


(I feel like the blue is only visible under my eyebrows)


(I feel like this one was more orange than Lyra, and Lyra has more silver)
Combined helia and Luna here 

I’ll keep playing with diffferent combinations but this is definitely a fun palette! I’d recommend giving it a try and for $52 it’s not a bad price for six highlighters when one in other brands can often cost the same thing 

11 thoughts on “Anastasia Aurora Glow Kit

    1. For this palette, I use the sephora brand dense fan. It’s called the Pro Fan #65. If the brush is too dense, it builds up a little too fast for me, and looks a little intense. I have a looser fan brush, but that one barely will pick up colour from this palette, so the sephora brush was a great midpoint.

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