Estee edit flash photo gloss

Hi guys!

Here is a review on this gloss 🙂 I got a small tube of it in a gift with purchase. Here's the product:

So I found it fairly sticky, which usually means it stays on well but doesn't feel nice while it's on. Also it's a medium level gloss, more than a balm and less than mirrory glosses like the clear end of mac's longwear lipsticks ( I just buy refills of the clear end because I love it so much!)

As an example, here's the look of the mac one

Ok so here's the test! Can it stand up to flash?

Here I am pre-gloss in natural light

Here it is with unnatural light but no flash

(Looks a little crazy to me, more like a line but not just looking glossy overall although I've got a good amount on)

Here it is with flash! Standing in the dark in my closet :p

Holds up really well with flash! Better than I expected based on the unnatural light picture 🙂
So all in all, very sticky, not the most comfortable, but looks good in flash photos so depending on your plans that night, may be a good option!

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