My Current Morning Beauty / Skin Routine

I felt like doing a longer post today, so since I haven't updated this in a while, I thought I'd do a post with my full morning and night beauty and skin routine and why I use the products that I do!

Steps 1-3: Tone and treat

step 1

With a cotton pad I apply the Kate Somerville toner. I find that this one has the acne fighting ingredients that i need in my skincare without drying out my face. Then I put the serum on acne scars and the treatment on any active blemishes that I have. For both i press them into my skin to encourage them to absorb. I let that settle for 5 minutes before I move on to the next product.

Steps 4 -5 – Moisturizer

step 2

Over time I realized I can't use a lot of the same face products for my whole face, without drying out my cheeks (if i use a mattifying product) or ending up super shiny in my T zone. So I use two primers and two moisturizers 🙂

On the T zone, the Murad oil control is perfect, and the SPF is actually enough to avoid getting any colour all day! And now I'm using the anti aging moisturizer for the rest of my face but I purchase the essential C moisturizer with a higher SPF, which I'll be switching to shortly. Murad products are great, with a good balance between moisture and treatment in your product of choice.

step 3

I used to use the cover fx mattifying primer on my t zone and it was great, but in order to try something new, I started using the new nars shine control primer and it's actually been even better so I'll definitely recommend it!

On the rest of my face I use either Bobbi brown face base or first aid beauty coconut moisturizing primer. Both are great! Moisturizing and absorb well for easy makeup application. On my eyes, I ONLY use the nars eye primer. I have yet to find anything that even compares check out my old blog post on this one 🙂

step 4

So I have been using foundation less frequently these days just to see how I feel about it but when I do, I like having options with different coverage. Makeup forever ultra HD is a great option for full coverage that feels like nothing. I apply it with the pro airbrush brush from sephora. If i want less coverage, the tinted moisturizer from nars is great. My winter colour is Finland. For more coverage I use the airbrush brush and for less I use the featherweight complexion brush.

step 5

So for concealer, in my mind, nars is the absolute best. I thought their creamy concealer couldn't be beat and they same out with the pot on the right there. When I don't wear any makeup, but I just want 1 minute spot coverage, I moisturizer and put this on with the sephora airbrush concealer brush and it blends perfectly. It is a little dry under the eyes so I wouldn't use it there for a full makeup look unless you are one of the lucky few with no dryness there. If I want a full makeup look, heavier under eye is nars, lighter is too faced born this way. Both are amazing and moisturizing but just different looks and level of coverage.

step 6

Finally, setting it all!

Now that I have begun using the kat Von d powders, nothing else compares. Fair warning, the packaging sucks, because if you open it all the way and ever turn the container over, it makes a giant poof of powder come out. So I only peel off half the plastic film when I open it.

For under eyes, I use the brightening powder in petal. It works on a fairly wide range of colours and goes on so well. No need to bake when you use this!

For all over the face, I apply the setting order with a mac kabuki. Wait until your product fully dries to avoid looking cakey.

And that's it! Face routine before the bronzer and eyes and everything colourful 🙂 let me know if you like this post or have any other suggestions that I should try!





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