Benefit They’re Real! Push up Liner

This may be one of the few products I have ever tried and immediately throw out. I got a sample of this one in a Sephora promotion and i was excited to give it a try. Here is the product:

blog 1

Here’s the little sample pack i received


The package explained that essentially you push up a little gel line out of the tip and then smooth it across your eye. Here’s what it looks like when you push out the product, and then i tried it across my hand. Came out pretty dark black but wasn’t smooth. had to go over it a couple times to get that much pigment:

After a few minutes of trying on my eyes, i realized that this is just not working. its catching and not creating a smooth line on my lid and was too thick to create a fine point. here’s the sad mess i made before giving up.


If you can figure out how to use the stuff, the one positive thing i could find was when i tried to wash it off my hand. i rubbed it for a while under running water and it barely moved, so the staying power would be pretty good

All in all, my recommendation is still to go with kat von d for the perfect liner (i use both tattoo and ink liner, but depends on my mood) or sephora brand for a cheaper option. Threw this one out immediately.

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