It Cosmetics CC Creams

Hi everyone,

Now that It Cosmetics is in Canada, i had to try out the products!

So I went to Sephora three times over the last couple weekends, to try a few looks , with the regular CC cream and one with the illuminating. Let’s see how they look and how they held up!

First the regular one. Here’s the product

Here was the look with this on:

It felt so natural and light and the fact that it has anti aging properties is amazing! One less skincare step!

Here’s how it fared over the day with a setting powder and the new too faced peaches and cream setting spray:

The artist used the sculpt palette from it Cosmetics too and look at this glow! It’s the bottom right shade in the palette:

Pretty good, right? I was very impressed with the cc cream! Soooo of course I had to buy it πŸ™‚ and I’ve been using it with the sephora airbrush foundation brush and it’s been amazing:) blends so well. Very good coverage without feeling heavy.

here are some shots I took when I first opened it :

Shockingly when you open it, there ya a pump rather than a squeeze tube, which is much more hygienic

There aren’t that many colours but it seems to be ok for my skin tone. Not sure that options will be there for everyone but it was ok for me now that I’m a bit tanned. The light colours likely won’t be light enough for me in the winter.

Here is what it looked like without any other makeup. Covered all my acne scars!

And here’s the final look with this product πŸ™‚

went to sephora one more time to hsv then try it on me, and we used urban decay primer and setting spray, plus laura mercier setting powder. Here’s he look :

And here I am 12 hours later:

Held up well!

All in all, I definitely recommend this product if the shades work for you!

Now on to the illuminating one. Here’s the product:

Used the medium this time which matched my body once I’m a bit tanned, and she just brought it down my neck.

Here’s what she used:

So most the illuminating products. She also added the Anastasia glow kit all over so I’m extra glowy! Here’s the look:

I don’t say this often but I think it’s a bit tooooooo much glow for me. Looked like the tin man in real life. Lol

Here it is in less flattering light so you can see what I mean

Little crazy lol

Anyways, this did noooooot hold up the way the other one did! Now I don’t think she used a loose setting powder. Instead she used the pressed powder foundation from it Cosmetics so likely this just wasnt enough coverage for a setting powder. Here I am looking crazy at the end of the day

Also the underrate concealer did not hold up as well. Could be that it wasn’t set but it kept doing this every hour so I eventually gave up and let it do its thing

So to me, one looked very natural and wearable and the other was a bit much. I’d recommend their regular cc cream every day of the week but I’d be cautious about the illuminating one. Powder will likely cause it to loose its glow but without powder, it doesn’t survive as well. I’d highly recommend getting the regular cc cream and concealer with all the amazing benefits (spf 50 and anti aging serum and primer built in) regardless of whether you want a quick application or as a part of your full routine. I now use it every day!

Here are a few looks with it

Thanks guys! I’m going to try fenty today if they have my colour in stock so let’s see how it goes

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