Fenty and It Cosmetics Highlighters

First is the it Cosmetics highlighter! I’m loving everything from this brand and their contour / highlight palette is no different 🙂

Here is the product

So for my complexion, I can’t buy this but I looooooooove the radiance highlighter on the bottom right! The glow was amazing and the contour options are super blendable! If you are a bit darker than me, you could definitely use this one 🙂

Here’s what it looked like on


Fenty is next 🙂 here is the product

And here it is in person:

The lighter colour is very subtle and would be great if someone isn’t Gaga about tons of highlighter. I personally like more glow. The look below has both shades layered on:

So all in all, the fenty one is very pretty but I’m not blown away by it and probably wouldn’t buy it. Maybe if another colour is more unique I’d get it 🙂

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